Connext Membership Class

Connecting+What's Next=CONNEXT. Connext is an informal introduction to Sachse's Church. During this small relaxed gathering we will share some of the reasons Sachse's Church is unique and how you can connect in a meaningful way.

Is CONNEXT Required? 

We do require that each person seeking membership with Sachse's Church have a conversation with one of our elders. In that conversation we attempt to "get on the same page". We don't want people to misunderstand what we are about and what membership means. 

Connext is one way to have that conversation. 

If you prefer a one on one meeting, our elders are happy to have those and will meet you at a coffee shop, an office, your home or wherever you are comfortable. 

Upcoming Connext meetings

We have no upcoming Connext classes. If you are interested in joining and learning more, contact Kailey.