our approach

Every church has a unique way of doing what they do. Some churches offer hundreds of events each year, others have beautiful and large buildings. Both are a blessing. 

Our approach is a little different. We believe in being simple and relational. This means that our focus is not attracting people to our campus but compelling our people to go out into the community to love and care for our neighbors. 

We really do believe it is all about relationships. This means we put a high value on live preaching, connecting in small groups, and serving in our community. 


Because we are simple and relational, you may notice a few characteristics about us. While we could list several more, here are just a few...

  • Live preaching, we never "pipe in" a preacher from another location.
  • Groups over gatherings. While we love our weekly Worship Gatherings (and believe they are valuable) we really want each person to connect with a small group of others in their life stage.
  • In the community for the community. We rarely have events on our campus. We would much rather serve the community out where we live. 
  • Membership Responsibility. This is not a come and see sort of church. We stress that each follower of Jesus will find a place and serve. 
  • We are not about a personality. We don't run commercials or billboards with our pastor's face on it. He might be a nice guy, but we want to be careful to make it all about Jesus.
  • Church Planting. We have planted 4 churches locally in the past 5 years; three meet right here on our campus. We know different people will connect to God in different ways. Church planting lives that out. 
  • One Service in One Location. We may change this one day, but right now we really like church to feel like family. We always say, SC is big enough to offer ministries for your entire family and small enough to feel like family.