Meet our pastor

We are excited to announce to you our new Lead Pastor, Jared Witt. While Sachse's Church is elder led, one of our elders, Jared, carries the majority of the preaching and vision casting. This page will help you get to know him a little more. 

The Basics

Jared believes that choosing to follow Jesus is the single most important decision any person can make. He says, "When you choose to follow Jesus, you finally begin to live the life you were always meant to live."

His own personal journey of faith has produced in him a passion to help people connect their faith to their life.

Because of this, Jared strives to communicate the Scriptures in a clear and compelling way so that everyone can understand the truth of God's word and experience the full life that only He can provide.

The family

Jared and Angela met while they were both pursuing undergraduate degrees at the University of North Texas.

Angela is passionate about connecting with people and fostering rich community because she believes community is where we find encouragement, hope, and the inspiration to become the people God created us to be.

Jared and Angela have two sets of twins - Eden and Olivia, who are five and Alice and Judah, who just turned three. They love their crazy, chaotic home life, and can't wait to see the stories God is writing for their children to unfold.