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The Mission of the Church

The church exists for two primary purposes: to reach people far from God and to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus. Every Christ-follower is fully equipped to fulfill their purpose. Are you ready to live a life that leaves a legacy that outlasts you? Jesus invites all who believe to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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4 Encouraging Scriptures Every Christian Should Memorize

We need God’s word to guide us through life because life is a journey. And a lot of times it feels like we're stuck, trying to find our way through the darkness. The Scriptures provides the light we need to live wisely and to navigate the dark well. The best way to stay on course is to memorize passages of Scripture. Here’s four encouraging Scriptures you should memorize.

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How to Overcome Two Discipleship Challenges All Parents Face

You child’s spiritual development is not something you can outsource to the church. Most parents understand this. Yet most parents still struggle with discipling their kids. From my experience there are two great challenges that all parents face when it comes to leading their children in spiritual things. Here’s what you need to know to overcome these two challenges and make a big impact in your child’s life.

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